Ship New England provides one service and only one service to dedicate to our customers.  That service is same day delivery of your critical and time sensitive shipments.  We are not going to compete in the overnight or 2 day service industry because there are many choices out there, but when it comes down to getting that one important shipment delivered TODAY, Ship New England will provide that crucial service for you.

Utilizing cars and cargo vans we can pick-up and deliver your important shipment the same day.  Our drivers are dispatched after your call and go directly to your pick-up location.  Once picked up, our drivers then proceed to the designated delivery point with out stopping to pick -up more freight.  This is the reason why expedited shipments always cost more, but you are paying for service and speed and that is what we are providing.

Whether your a small company just starting up and need to provide same day service to a select few clients or a major corporation requiring expedited service of parts, plans or equipment to satisfy contract needs, Ship New England has a service and budget to meet your needs.

For a quote or to set-up a same day delivery, please call us at 888-787-4872.