How It Works

How Ship New England works is simple.

  1. You (the customer) just find out you require same day delivery of a shipment
  2. Realizing the importance of the job, you natural call Ship New England to handle the shipment
  3. Ship New England enters the pick-up and delivery address with the pieces and weight of the shipment
  4. Ship New England then provides you with a quote and approximate pick-up and delivery time
  5. Ship New England dispatches a driver with the proper vehicle closest to the pick-up location
  6. Ship New England updates you with the pick-up once made and again with an approximate delivery time
  7. Ship New England updates you with any delays along the way
  8. Ship New England calls you back once the driver delivers providing you with the time and signature
  9. You are satisfied with our service and the customer is happy to receive the shipment the same day

Shipping with Ship New England is fast, easy and pain free.  As the customer you just need to provide the pick-up and delivery points and the nature of the shipment and we handle all the stress and worries.  Our drivers are prompt and courteous as they represent both Ship New England and your company as well.

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