Ship New England is committed to providing you, the customer, the outstanding service at a very reasonable price.  As part of our pricing commitment, we offer you both a standard account rate and we now offer a discounted prepaid (credit card, company check) rate.  We quote you the rates up front and include all charges both fuel and tolls if applicable.  Our pricing system will price your shipment out using the pick-up location, the delivery location and the pieces and weight.

For after hours or week-end/holiday work, our system does include a surcharge.

ship new england key to savings

If you have scheduled work or specific work for a project, we can accommodate your cost needs to suppling you with an overall reduce discounted rate for the work.  Please call us for more details on how we can help manage your same day shipping costs.

As always, Ship New England is not only dedicated to being the key to your same day shipping needs, but we are dedicated to be the key to your transportation savings.